Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Listings New Etsy

I have spent the last week listing new product on Etsy. Wow! A lot of new changes! They have made it so much easier to list and now there are a lot of new cool features. Now I know why they did it after conveniently checking my stats. So you can concentrate on getting your stuff seen! They have also changed the searches. Oh well!

I'm so happy that I'm feeling so much better. I have all my wholesale orders completed, my retail store how I want it(its been horrible neglected, and empty), and my Etsy shop full again!

All I have to do now is loose 40 lbs. Not being able, or allowed to exercise has made me pudgy. I keep looking over at the new Weight Watchers they have opened across the way, but too embarrassed and broke to walk in. I hate the crazy sideways scar and bump on my belly from the surgery. Its so gross! that's it! I'm loosing weight! Skinny jeans here I come!

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